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Axminster moquette carpet at factory price

Axminster moquette carpet at factory price are ready.Why buy carpet? Carpet is one of the best floors. Why? Because it has a variety of designs, colors and different types. Women prefer carpeting to other flooring. Because it is easy to adapt to home decoration. It can be easily installed. It is easy to remove and replace. Carpets reduce energy consumption in the winter. Especially in cold areas, a lot of energy losses can be prevented. Carpets of every kind are good thermal insulation. Carpet weave has given such a property. Because it holds up a lot of air in itself. For this reason, carpets have good sound insulation. Cheap and beautiful audio insulation.

Application of home and public carpets

Carpets can also be used to cover the wall. Sometimes it is seen that the walls cover up to half a meter with colored or patterned carpet. Carpets change the space of the house. Even in home light, they have a positive effect. For homes, fluffy carpets are usually used. Because it has more comfort and convenience. They are also more beautiful and eye-catching. Carpets are also made for a variety of public places. Match carpets or simple carpets are very popular. The use of these carpets in hotels, cinemas, conference halls and corridors is only part of its applications. Simple but inexpensive but simple duets. Easily cleaned. Of course, carpet maintenance is important. They should be cleaned 2 times a week with a vacuum cleaner.

Axminster moquette carpet

Application of home and public carpets

One of the most important factors in improving the quality of interior flooring is. Selection and utilization of building materials is appropriate. In this choice, the designer must choose knowledge and knowledge. Materials suitable for technical and user use. At the same time, it is consistent with the national regulations of the building. As well as with the existing standards, to make optimal choices.

In many cases, according to advertisements, information is needed to buy flooring. Various suppliers of construction products are available. They give real access to the technical specifications of the materials. And indicators for comparing different products together for designers.

In this regard, international companies are more appropriate. They advise clients on the internal layout. Than to provide technical specifications of the products. Carpet is one of the most consumable products in the world, and the choice of its type requires technical information. The most important part of every carpet is its yarn. These fibers are typically provided in the following types. :

  1. Nylon or Polyamide
  2. Polypropylene or polypropylene poly (P.P)
  3. Wool

Each high fiber has its own unique profile. And used for specific places.

Axminster moquette carpet

Carpet with nylon fiber (Polyamide)

Nylon is an incredibly durable and elastic form. And it’s a very safe choice for all the busy places. Places like airports, hotels. Places such as office offices and well-organized organizations. Meanwhile, the fire standard has a good rating against fire spreading. And there are useful information in the tables on fire resistance standards. These tables are mainly used in accordance with international standards. Carpet fibers according to this table should be placed in an acceptable position. Also, this type of fiber is not easily knocked. Use Axminster moquette carpet at factory price.

Axminster moquette carpet

More about nylon fiber

They can not easily wear. They are also resistant to wear and tear. And against static electricity, they also have a good standard. And their fibers have a stable color. Nylon is still the most widespread choice. For carpet To make carpet fibers. Nylon has a rivalry close to shoulder-to-shoulder with polypropylene. This material is strikingly tight. And it’s durable. And because of resistance to wear and tear. Hence, it is the first choice for high traffic areas. use Axminster moquette carpet at factory price.

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