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Carpet Rolls For Sale | Buy Online

Carpet Rolls For Sale. You do not need to be an expert to purchase or choose a suitable carpet for space. With a little study and using the signs placed on the carpet you can make the best performance in terms of performance. Perhaps you have seen the graphic features on the carpets (and other flooring) and ask yourself what these meanings mean. These symptoms include important tips for choosing and buying carpets and can be your best guides for buying carpets.

These pictograms will make it easy for you to choose and buy carpets, and it’s best to buy carpets and choose carpets for you, if you know them and you can use them. In the past years, in the EU, a complete and unique classification system has been set up to determine the use (field of use) of textiles, resin flooring and laminate flooring to provide a quick and comprehensive survey for carpet users and other flooring products. Brought up This comprehensive system, according to EN ISO 10874, which includes a bunch of other standards, examines and classifies floors.

Carpet Rolls For Sale | Buy Online

What are standard carpet sizes?

What are standard carpet sizes?buy carpet online

Polyester is an artificial fiber that has been mass production since 1945. It is referred to as a polymer known as the “ester” group and is often referred to as “polyethylene terephthalate” or “polytetrafluoroethylene” as a particular material.

Polyester fiber and environment

If you are one of those who are interested in the environment and recycling of products, carpet made of polyester fiber can be a good choice for you. Because part of the polyester fiber is produced from the recycling of disposable bottles (PET). Of course, polyester fibers and, as a result, all polyester carpets are fully recyclable.

Color durability and appearance of polyester carpet

Woven carpets made of polyester fiber have attractive appearance, high brightness and high transparency. Carpets made from polyester fibers are very bright in color, and the important thing is to keep that brightness.

How wide are carpets?

How wide are carpets?cheap carpets

Polyester carpet stains

Due to the closed molecular structure of the polyester (CLOSED CELL FIBER), the absorption rate of the polyester fiber is very low, which makes the strength of the fibers very high. The resistance of the polyester fiber to water-soluble spots is also very high. Of course, polyester fibers, like polypropylene fibers (olefins), are weak in comparison with low-fat stains and show low resistance. Polyester carpets are weak due to stains from oil and lubricants.

It may be interesting to note that, in general, the resistance to stains in polyester carpets is higher than nylon carpets. Of course, if nylon carpets are painted in a “solution-dyed” method, they exhibit a very high resistance to stain.

How much will it cost to carpet my house?

How much will it cost to carpet my house?

Resistance and durability of polyester carpets

Polyester carpets are very soft and very comfortable to wear. But the polyester fiber has a low resistance to crushing and compression, and is less durable than nylon. This suggests also that polyester carpets are not recommended for places with high traffic and high abrasion probability, and are recommended for residential applications.


Can you put an area rug on carpet?

Can you put an area rug on carpet?carpet roll ends

Tricista fiber, as a type of upgraded polyester fiber, is one of the finest synthetic fibers used in the carpeting industry.

Finally, you can suggest the following for the use of polyester carpets:

Polyester carpets are very soft but these carpets are less durable than other carpets manufactured with synthetic fibers. Polyester carpets are suitable for use in spaces with low traffic and very light. Tese are recommended for home use. This carpets are a good carpet for the bedroom.

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