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Cheap Carpet Roll Ends | Carpet roll for Sale

Cheap Carpet Roll Ends. Polytrimethylene terephthalate or PTT is a very new fiber. The chemical composition of the product is very similar to that of polyester, which is sometimes considered to be a kind of polyester upgraded.

The full name of this “Polymer-Tetrate (PTT)” fiber is actually the newest type of polyester fiber. Triexta is the newest fiber in the world of carpets.
Triexta carpet recycling (environmentally friendly)
One of the main attractions of Triexta fiber is the compatibility of these fibers with the environment. The Triexta fiber, such as polyester fibers, can be completely recycled, but the strengths of the polyester fiber in this fiber are completely eliminated.

In the production of Triexta fiber and carpet, recycled materials are used, and of course, it is used to produce about 37% of corn glucose (instead of petroleum compounds) to produce this fiber. Another thing is that the production of these fibers produces 63% less greenhouse gas than the nylon fiber production and imports into the atmosphere.

Cheap Carpet Roll Ends | Carpet roll for Sale

Benefits of Carpet Rolls

Benefits of Carpet RollsCarpet Roll Ends

Tricky carpet tensile strength
Triexta fibers such as polypropylene fibers (hydrophobic fibers), this makes the Triexta carpet absorb very little water and does not absorb moisture.

The low absorbance of Triexta fiber boosts the resistance to spatter in the fiber. The carpet made from Triexta  wool has a very good resistance to stain, and on the other hand, many of the spots on the carpets made of Triexta wool can be easily and simply cleaned with water. One of the most important features of Triexta’s carpet is that almost every stain can be completely cleaned with just about a few warm water from this carpet.
Color and durability of the color of Tricks carpeting
Triexta carpet is resistant to uv (Ultraviolet) and has a very good color durability. Due to the fact that the Triexta fiber is generally dyed as Solution Dyeing, there is no fading color and glare in this tricky carpet.

Another thing is that Triexta carpet is similar to nylon carpets in terms of shine and transparency, and these carpets are more matte than polyester carpets.

Types of carpet rolls

Types of carpet rollscarpet roll supplies

Durability and softness of tricky carpeting
Triexta carpets are more durable than polyester carpets, and it is possible to compare the durability of these carpets with nylon carpets. Also, Triexta carpets are more flexible and reversible than fiber polyester carpets.

These carpets are very soft like polyester carpets. It is even sometimes said that Triexta carpeting is softer than polyester carpets and nylon carpets.
Regarding the durability of the Triexta carpet over time, it should be borne in mind that, given the fact that these carpets, such as nylon carpets, do not have a long history and history, it is hard to predict and estimate the life of these carpets in the current situation. Perhaps the most important objection that can now be made to Triexta carpets is that it is not possible to give a definitive answer to the durability of these carpets over time, and for the time being, the answer to this question must be left over. Finally, this should also be reminded On average, Triexta carpets have a lower price than nylon carpets.

Fibers used in carpet roll

Fibers used in carpet rollbuy Cheap Carpet Roll

The most important component of a carpet, regardless of the type of texture and its production, is carpet fibers. Different types of fibers are used in the carpet industry, which have different strengths and weaknesses. These strengths and weaknesses directly affect carpet performance, usable space and other carpet features.

Carpets are divided into two types of carpet with natural fibers and carpet with synthetic fibers in a general classification. Of natural fibers, we can mention wool, cotton, linen, etc. Among them wool is considered as the most usable natural fiber in this article. Synthetic fibers used in the carpeting industry are also nylon, polypropylene, acrylic, polyester and Triexta.

Difference carpet roll with carpet tile

Difference carpet roll with carpet tile

In the cycle and process of carpeting, carpet dyeing along with carpet texture and backing is one of the most important stages of fabrication and carpet weaving. On the other hand, the color and appearance of a carpet is the most important visual factor in choosing a carpet for a space. carpet are dyed in two general methods, namely, dyeing. The type and method of carpet dyeing depends, in addition to carpeting, on the type of carpet fibers and is affected.

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