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Natural Fiber Wall To Wall Carpet| Best traders of carpets in the world

Natural fiber wall to wall carpet is one of the best traders of carpets in the word, if you like to know about natural wall to wall carpet, herringbone carpet, synthetic carpet flooring, synthetic rugs, and  home depot carpet this article let you get the information you are looking for them.
Natural Fiber Wall To Wall Carpet| Best traders of carpets in the world

What is sisal carpet?

What is sisal carpet? Many of us may only care about the carpet’s design and appearance,
and its harmony with the color of the curtain or furniture with interior

But about the same product we see around the clock and feel under our feet. 

 There are so many points, Carpet and rug have a very important and
important role in our culture and history of people who wants to live

Each of us may choose a
carpet or flooring according to our taste and standards. 

Given the wide range of environments in which we can use carpet as a flooring,
it is important to choose a product that meets all our needs.

 Sisal fibers from a plant
called Agave Sisalana, which is tropical and semiarid, are currently grown in
countries such as Haiti, Mexico, Brazil, and elsewhere in South America. This
plant has high resistance to drought and high ambient temperature. 
 Thyme plants have fleshy leaves that grow from a central bud. 
fibers are very long, creamy, yellow, green, brown or red, These fibers are
durable, strong and durable and have high elasticity. 

They are resistant to bacterial damage and saline water and are also good

quality sisal fibers are elongated and used alone or in combination with wool
or acrylic on the carpet. 

Medium fibers are widely used in agriculture and industry for making cord, rope
and yarn. 

What is the difference between sisal and seagrass rugs?

What is the difference between sisal and seagrass rugs? Buying a rug is easy for most customers, but it doesn’t hurt to get additional information about rugs to refine your choice.
Choosing an area rug can be confusing, Area rugs are a great way to personalize your home or home space. 

You can place your rugs under your bed, next to your bed or in your bedroom in the center of your bedroom to gain a unique appearance, The rug should also be large enough to remove dining chairs from the table, Flat woven rugs are made of different materials. 

Since carpet rugs are easily portable and standard in stores, woven rugs will be a good option for you if you want to save money.  
Seagrass carpet cannot be painted, They are now a popular alternative to home building, Seagrass rugs for homes are a frequent alternative, while considering organic rugs.

One of the old uses of Sisal, due to its long and flexible fibers, is the cord. 
However, this use has declined to a great extent, replacing polypropylene, while newer, less commonly used umbilical cords.  
Sisal is still the best material for making carpets and rugs.

Different types of machine made carpets

Different types of machine made carpets When purchasing a carpet, one of the aspects to consider in a variety of machine rugs is the carpet, Also, its density and comb have a world in which the price of a carpet is affected. 

The following are different types of carpets we consider In terms of:

  •  shoulder and density
  •  machine rugs
  • size
  • layout and map
  • color and its effects

The most important issue to consider in the types of carpeting is the issue of comb and compactness.
 A carpet is made up of components that make up the body, Threads and yarns that are vertically and horizontally intertwined create a carpet base so that the texture of the looms and the carpet knots are To ride on it. 

 When they say a carpet has so much shoulder and density, the y actually talk about knots in a carpet.   
The shoulder is the number of knots woven in a meter of carpet width and the density is the number of knots woven in a meter of carpet length.  
When you read the amount of carpet combs from the label on the back of the carpet you can actually determine the accuracy and texture of the carpet by counting the number of knots. 

What is the best natural fiber rug?

What is the best natural fiber rug?With the advancement of the technology and technology of carpets with different technologies, different types of carpets as well as special features are offered to the carpet market.

 The carpets available in the carpet market are made of different yarns.
These yarns are divided into two categories:

  • Natural Carpet Fibers: These types of fibers are the best type of yarn in the carpet and are mostly used in handmade carpets. 
    Natural carpet yarns are also divided into two categories, vegetable fibers such as cotton, jute and animal fibers such as wool and silk. 
  • Synthetic Carpet Fibers: These yarns are not as natural as they are called, made from petroleum materials and man-made. 
    Synthetic fibers used in carpets include acrylic yarn, nylon yarn, polyester yarn, Polypropylene Fibers, Unsurprisingly, viscose is also a synthetic fiber, but not of a recyclable quality. 

Generally, three types of yarn are used in machine-made carpets:

  • Raw yarn, The yarn that covers the entire surface of the carpet is called raw yarn. 
    The fibers used in the raw yarn should have characteristics such as high resistance to hardness and high reversibility, hence Handmade carpet yarns are made of crack, silk and wool and used in carpet yarns made of acrylic, polyester and polypropylene.
  • Thread: Thread is a part of the rug that provides the strength and strength of the rug along the length of the rug and is usually made of fibers such as cotton, polyester or a mixture of both.
  • Woven yarn: Woven yarn is the retainer of the carpet’s raw yarn and strengthens the carpet in the transverse direction of the carpet.
    The yarn is usually made of cotton, jute and polyester.

Advantages of natural fiber rugs and carpets

Advantages of natural fiber rugs and carpets Handmade carpets are warm in nature because of the use of natural fibers and not only is it harmful for children to walk or quadruple, but they are also very useful, The use of natural fibers in the production of handmade carpets will help to ensure physical health.
Carpets with elastic properties play the role of a standard mattress.

 The natural and beautiful designs and colors of the beautiful carpets fascinate every viewer, Also, the use of natural materials in home interior decoration, living space is more compatible with the human spirit and induces a certain calm.
Due to the use of wool, crack, silk and cotton as raw materials used in handmade carpets you will never see the static electricity generated from this flooring.
The advantage over many other flooring tangible and significant.

 There may be a misconception that the price of handmade carpets is more expensive than carpets.
 If that’s completely wrong, Many families change carpets every few years.
 In fact, the money spent on buying a carpet this year has not only grown but has been fully consumed, While buying a handmade rug adds to the cost over time, handmade carpets are considered a commodity for family investment.

 Hand-woven carpets are longer lasting than other coatings and do not lose their luster in washing.
 Handmade carpet is the only flooring that doubles as a result of its beauty, light and wash, and never loses sight of it, Especially if the carpet is painted using natural dyes.

Why the carpets that are made with natural fibers are so expensive?

Why the carpets that are made with natural fibers are so expensive? Handmade carpets are one of the oldest carpets, Although machine-made carpets are widely used and used today, handmade carpets still hold their place, and the most valuable carpets are handmade carpets are considered.
That is why the price difference of handmade carpets as opposed to carpets has always been a consideration.

Handmade carpets are woven in different designs, textures and genres, and in each country and city handmade carpets are woven in different designs and sizes, so the price difference of handmade carpets is natural.
 Experts on handmade carpets attribute various factors to the difference in the price of handmade carpets, which are less expensive than similar but healthy carpets that are defective in terms of size, weaving, and hybrids. Among healthy carpets are factors such as carpet life.

Reasons for price differences of handmade carpets due to imperfections of the carpet Background Carpeting:

  • One of the disadvantages that differentiate the price of handmade carpets is the carpeting of the carpet, which means that carpets are sometimes not to have found at the same color from the top to the bottom of the carpet. .
  • Carpet Size: Another drawback of the carpet is the size of the carpets, If you measure more or less than 1 cm when measuring the distance from the upper edge of the rug to the middle of the bergamot
  • Carpet weaving: Carpet weaving is also a disadvantage of carpets, which makes the price difference for handmade carpets.
     If you look closely at the back of the carpet and pay attention to the nodes, if you see the nodes in a regular order, then the carpet is no problem with weaving.
     but if you find that the nodes are irregular and arranged The carpets are not the same and in some cases there is a gap that will definitely be less than the healthy carpet.
  • Carpet Fracture: Another carpet defect that causes price differences for handmade carpets is carpet fracture.
     You need to be careful to identify this fault.

Are natural fiber rugs easy to clean?

Are natural fiber rugs easy to clean?Due to the different coatings of furniture and different carpet fibers, rugs and carpet shampoo should be compatible with all fibers and not harmful to them, so the use of the least chemicals in carpet shampoo formulation is very important.

On the other hand, avoiding interference with colors or eliminating the vibrancy and vitality of carpet and carpet colors are other aspects of attention in  carpet cleaners.
In order to maintain the health of the colors as well as having soft and soft lint carpets, it is important to use a carpet shampoo along with choosing the right product.

The best way to clean rugs and carpets with natural fibers is by shampooing the carpet, dissolving it in water and cleaning the surface with a sponge-soaked detergent solution.
Then, with a lint cloth, the surface of the carpet should be removed from the detergent and the impurities dissolved in it, and replaced occasionally with a new one.
Carpet and rugs should also be cleaned as soon as they became dirty.

What wall to wall carpets are easiest to clean?

What wall to wall carpets are easiest to clean? Carpet and carpet cleaning are important in two ways.
One is the appearance of the house and the other is the health of the people living in the house.
 Stains can cause undesirable appearance on the carpet and dust can cause breathing problems.

There is usually a lot of dust around the carpets and corners of the walls, which you must first remove.
 Everyone should vacuum their home at least once a week, Use a clean, white cloth to remove stains on the carpet.

 You can also use a paper towel, remember  that the fabric is white and does not have a color scheme as it may be transferred to a carpet.Wool carpet cleaning is easy because it does not attract dirty carpeting.

What is the best type of carpet for a living room?

What is the best type of carpet for a living room? One of the most important choices we can make in our lives is choosing the color of the living room carpet that fits in with the decoration.
 It’s so important that it can affect the overall atmosphere.
To relieve the stress of everyday life that may be present in every day’s work and life, it is best to use the colors of the living room decoration in a happy and beautiful way.

What distinguishes wool carpets from other carpets is its design, color and design.
The design of these types of carpets is much more delicate and the colors are much more lively and vibrant and similar to the precious woolen carpets.
Wool carpets are more durable than other carpets, Wool carpets are the best option for your home hall.

Price changes of wall to wall carpets in last 5 years

Price changes of wall to wall carpets in last 5 years As you know, some of the necessities of life increase or decrease due to the country’s economic conditions and inflation.
 That rugs and carpet are among the essentials that will rise in price over the years depending on the circumstances.

 Carpets are usually cheaper than rugs and all families can afford them.
 Warm and soft carpets are used in different designs and colors for different places.
 Depending on the manufacturer’s brand, the economic conditions of the country and the type of carpet prices will increase or decrease.

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